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A Sip of History -Fragments

Prior to the festive period, a small group of us met on zoom for our first 'Sip of History' event. This was on the day of the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction, and I'd envisioned us all snapping pictures of this momentous occasion and sharing them with each other - being 2020 however, the clouds in the sky obscured any view and I feel that there's potentially some analogy in there on how 2020 was for us all.

Lack of conjunction pictures aside, the evening was very relaxed and we got to know some of the people in our area who have stories to share, or who are keen researchers, or who have an interest in local traditions and how they can be sustained.

Throughout the hour we were together, snippets of stories emerged from everyone present on a plethora of topics - Bailey Hill, ghosts in an old house, crafting and much more. Although the ideal scenario would have been for us to all to gather around a physical camp fire, this virtual gathering was lovely in its communality, and at the end of the meeting I reflected upon the fragments of history that both reside in all of us and all around us. Some of these fragments are like shining beacons for all to see whilst others only catch the light at a certain time so we need to be present to catch a glimpse of them. Some sit on the tongues of those who love to share them, and others wait patiently in the hearts of people around us awaiting the right time to emerge.

In the 1800's, a large part of our history was unearthed - Mold's Gold Cape. At our virtual campfire, I shared this story and I share it here now for you too. Wait for the night to draw in, pour yourself something warm and comforting, and learn of its discovery. You can also download/stream for free via Spotify, or read the story below.

Download PDF • 27KB

We're looking for ideas for future events we can hold - these would be free and virtual, and we'd love to connect with anyone in the area who has an interest in local history or who would like to learn more about the project. Let us know via the contact page and we'll be in touch!

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